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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Afterthoughts on MLM

Well well well. Really nice to see so many negatives about LB here. =) Anyway, LB isnt the root of all these commotion, its RZ corporation or DCHL from taiwan. LB is the product, and the product is harmless, its the people who made the whole thing look foolish. =) U guys made it sound like the product can go out and start conning people of their hard earned money and engaging them in quick-earning schemes to change their life.
Well, i've been there before, and weird enough, i dont see any of those bullshits like u guys mentioned. My friend who brought me admitted that hes new and he wanted me to join him so that he can climb level. I was cool about it cuz i knew how mlm worked since i was like 15.(i'm currently 23 n my parents were in too many MLMs for me to mention) He brought me to see his upline and we talked. They didnt really tell me how much they earned cuz in my opinion, whatever they earn does not concern me. Anyway, that dude was actually driving a car which cost like 350k. I dont wish to mention names here tho. So i was like, ok, cool. So since i'm working in a bank currently, he must earn at least 15k per month for 6 consecutive months to attain an EA form OR... 3 months with a guarentor to achive that 350k vehicle with a car loan. If i aint mistaken, that dude is a marquis.
Well, of course he could've like forced himself to attain that vehicle. But that dude is married and also, has kids. I dont think he would actually place his family in jeopardy by doing that.
And of cuz, the classical "sharing" with many other different achievers. Yes, i admit some of them kept bragging about their earnings. But c'mon, in wat field does anyone dont brag? U go to any job scope and u will find tons of braggers. If u dont know this, then blame your ignorant self.
And well, if some of u peeps have actually experienced really bad situations while in Menara HLA, i do feel for u. Really, i do. But still, going to menara HLA is to listen to a business opporutnity thats for anyone interested to grab. So y keep whining here about your immature injustice? If it aint good, it would have gone bankrupt. If it was good, it would've stayed. So, if i aint mistaken, LB has actually been spreading really quick.(many of my frens have already joined it) And i suspect those that havent joined around me will fall prey to it soon.
TO those current DCHL members, juz let those people who flame LB products be. Dont argue with people who dont understand your ideals and dreams.
To those who are curious, go have a look if u have the guts. Cuz afterall, if those people who flames DCHL is so great, ask them to pay for your telephone bills,car fuels, food etc etc. If they cant, then pls make sure they STFU. The business may propel u to wealth. It may not. But nothing wrong with listening to it and giving it a chance to see if its your cup of tea. There's alot of people who loves Manchester United anyway, but dont forget that there's still tons of people who dont.
To those people who flames it to the core. Keep it up and live life your way. If your friend approaches u, and if u didnt like it, then dont. Dont have to pour cold water on them to make them anywhere worse than they r isnt it? LIke some of u said, some of them cant even find anyone for a few months, wat they require is your mental support! (note that i didnt specify wat a mental support is) Some of u juz dont know how to be a good pal dont u? And of cuz, no doubt, there's bound to have black sheeps in DCHL which tarnishes the company's name by doing things "their way". But u gotta understand that from those informations that i've attained from that marquis which i spoke to, the SYN system dont promote such astrocities. Dont we have black sheeps from all walks of life and jobs? So y flame this one?
Actually, i know y most people dont flame other jobs. Cuz they dont understand them. IF a bridge do fall, would anyone really flame the engineers involve? The head engineer would probably get the shite, but the fault may not necessary be his. It could be the workers or anyone thats below him that screwed up. And only people who r engineers would understand that. People who aint, wouldnt bother unless cuz they know nuts about civil engineering.
And y people flame MLMS most of da time? Cuz they think they know it all!! (usually not by being in one, but by listening to those who failed in it! Arrogance and ignorance really makes one look stupid, doesnt it?) Cuz they think they failed in it once and then it sux. (well, then explain y r there so many people who succeeded in it? IN USA, more than 70% of the millionaires there were created through networking)
And if u start arguing that... to be successful, more will fail in MLM! But then, dont we have failures from all kinda jobs?
The company and all is fine. Its the scheme that makes it pyramid and the people that made it illegal. (N i bet u that most of the people who flame cant even define wats pyramid and anything to do MLM specifically)
So, grow up people. MLM is just another alternate job for people that seeks a way to attain success. yes, there may be unscrupulous people from LB. But u really cant seed them all to be bad.
And the TVB thingy, if i aint mistaken, it was a huge mistake. TVB already apologized to DCHL... in private. Cuz if what they claimed was true, then LB would've been kicked out from the market!
Oh and if LB dudes always claimed that their product is 100+ years. Let em say it cuz its true. And who would ever say their product sux? rofl! And about the ISO thingy, Well, they got those ISO cuz their sales record has shown to be sound. Thus they got it. Its true there's no ISO in earlier years. BUt one thing to note, ISO needs time to be proven to be attained. =) AND its REALLY REALLY WEIRD that u peeps are actually arguing on points thats revolving around 10rm. ROFL. that really tickles. haha. There, i laughed.
My five cents. pls dont flame me too. =)
PS: u know wat, DCHL memebers should be happy. Cuz LB has became so well known that everyone start to flame it. Famous stuffs always get flamed anyway. =)


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